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Mystical Rose

Mary Our Mother

Who Can Become A Member?
Membership is of a SPIRITUAL nature, conferred for life, and open to all women who
  • STRIVE TO INCORPORATE in their lives the purpose and objectives of MAGNIFICAT and
  • agree to PRAY for MAGNIFICAT and its members, then
  • complete the form as a sign as their commitment to MAGNIFICAT and its ideals.

There are NO DUES. We depend upon free-will donations to subsidize our activities


Benefits of Members
     Members share the joy of serving the Church by ministering to their sisters through prayer, fellowship and loving service.
     Members share in the prayers of all the members.  They are provided opportunities to meet with other women who have the same spiritual values.  They encourage each other in their desire to grow in holiness.  They are invited to attend and serve on other functions of MAGNIFICAT.