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Mystical Rose

Mary Our Mother

What Are Our Objectives?
To encourage growth in holiness through:
  • Daily personal prayer
  • Knowing the love of God the Father
  • Commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord
  • Experiencing the presence and power of the Holy Spirit and openness to His gifts
  • Frequent participation in the sacraments of the Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation
  • Study and daily reading of sacred Scriptures
  • Love for and loyalty to the Catholic Church, as expressed through her teaching authority, the pope and bishops in communion with him
  • Serving the needs of the church and the world
  • Love and devotion to Mary, mother and model
  • Appreciation of the vocation of Christian women
  • Reverence for the sanctity of life
  • Fostering the works of intercessory prayer
  • Promoting unity


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